While completing an ELO at Sanford Community Adult Education this student has had the chance to work with other students who  participate in the English as a Second Language Program.

A student volunteers in a local English as a Second Language Program.

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Volunteer as a Youth Mentor…

If you are an area professional willing to share your skills with a Sanford student, please consider volunteering as a youth mentor through Sanford School’s Community Based Learning Program. Share your professional skills with a student and provide them with the opportunity to have a learning experience at a local business or community organization.


A student works with Sanford News mentor, Shawn Sullivan.

Community Based Learning provides relevant real‐life experiences for students and increases awareness for students and teachers about local businesses and organizations. Sanford School’s Community Based Learning Program offers Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) which provides students with hands-on experience in a chosen area of study while earning credit to help meet their graduation requirements.


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