Wanda Parent receives “Spirit of Service Award”!


On November 14th, while attending the United Way of York County 2018 Campaign Finale, I received the United Way of York County, “Spirit of Service Award”. This award is sponsored by Kennebunk Savings Bank.  I was nominated because of my work with Stuff the Bus, and Right Brain Club. Because of this award Stuff the Bus received 500 Dollars, as my charity of choice.

I accept this award on behalf of my amazing volunteers and friends who support me wholeheartedly. My friend Ricki Stevens who voluntarily does the countless hours registering 500 kids, which is no small task. She even replies to families who are not in our area of coverage and directs them where to go. And Denise Butler who manages our website and Facebook page, and who is my personal cheering team, and is always full of encouragement that I sometimes desperately need. My buddy Julie Lohnes, who is the first person to offer help and messages me almost daily, to see if there are any projects I need help with. My friends Tom and Amy Morin, who are the wind beneath my “school bus”, kids in tow, volunteering and taking care to make sure I eat and get a break on our crazy bus days at Walmart, load in, set up, shopping at Staples, you name it I can count on them both. I can never express how much I appreciate their friendship most of all! The Sanford Key Club and Junior High JMG students who help pass out flyers and sort supplies, help with load in and setting up. They are great kids and they do an amazing job. This program takes a small Army of volunteers to get it done, and the JMG students are a critical piece of that puzzle. Amazing donors, volunteers community support, Ledgemere Bus company under Sheila Beckwith-Hibbard, who donate those all important yellow buses! Community members who see its happening on Facebook and message me to come help, I appreciate each and every one of you! We are all volunteer run and I think that’s pretty awesome.

Stuff the Bus updates!

For the last several months I have been picking up some In Kind donations from Walmart, Evonik employees, and Junior High JMG (Jobs for Maine Graduates). January came and I began the process of seeking out board members for Stuff the Bus.  The donated storage space for Stuff the Bus ends in May. I am once again seeking out long term donated storage space, which is critical to the future of this program.

Stuff the Bus ( in partnership with several SJHS  JMG students) has delivered donations of food and toiletries to American Legion Post 19, who are sending soldier care packages to two Sanford men who are currently serving in Afghanistan. These items will be shared with the 22 men and 2 women, in their company battalion. I was rather amazed to learn what the military does not provide for them while they are serving.

Stuff the Bus has also assisted several families, by collecting items for newborns, in desperate need of clothing and baby furniture. These activities are in line with my vision that Stuff the Bus be a community resource, of compassion and hope, while keeping the main focus of school supplies for teachers and students a  priority.