Volunteers Needed!

The Nasson Bike Center needs Volunteers!

The Nasson Bike Center is a resource for local youth looking for a bike, fix a bike, needing some community service time, or wanting to learn some mechanical and problem solving skills. We are looking for volunteers to mentor our kids as they rebuild bikes making them safe and reliable.

Dusty bikes sitting in a garage become transportation to school, the vehicle for flying around the skate park, or discovering the great trails around Sanford. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2 to 5:00 year round.

Volunteers will be working with one or two youths following a check list as they rebuild a bicycle. Experienced staff or volunteers will guide the youth and mentors through the rebuilding process.

Volunteers do not need to have bicycle repair experience. A very basic mechanical background (righty-tighty, lefty-loosy) would be helpful. The volunteer will be working with a range of attitudes and abilities in the youths.

There is no requirement that the volunteer participate a certain number of hours. It is helpful that they participate on a regular schedule.

The bike center is located in the basement of the Nasson Bike Center. There is a set of stairs that need to be negotiated to reach us.